Monday, January 8, 2007

Kwang Yul Cha, Create 'Koreans Stem Cell Network'

CHA Medical Group(representative: Kwang Yul Cha) Holds the First International Stem Cell Symposium

Although 'Hwang Woo-suk’s Stem Cell Fraud Scandal' aroused criticism for a while, stem cell research is still the interesting field to the scientists and they also recognized that stem cell research is an epoch in treating a deadly disease.

‘Hwang Woo-suk’s stem cell fraud scandal’ shattered Korean hopes to emerge as a bioscience hub, however, many scholars are competing with each other for taking away the initiative in stem cell research. On this wise, Korea keep trying to overcome recent difficulties and create an active atmosphere for stem cell research.

CHA Medical Group holds the first international stem cell symposium for watching the current of stem cell research. Especially, CHA Medical Group invited the world's best-known Korean researchers who are in foreign countries now in the field of stem cell research to the symposium. They are producing an atmosphere for creating 'Koreans Stem Cell Researchers' Network'.

'The First International Stem Cell Symposium(Chairman: Kwang Yul Cha)' will be held under the sponsorship of the Pochon CHA University in Sheraton Wallkerhill Hotal Convention Hall on 8~9th of December. 22 world's leaders in the various field of stem cell research will participate and read a paper at this International Stem Cell Symposium. So it is hoped that the symposium will be the opportunity to see the trend of global stem cell research.

Some researchers such as Prof. Hans Keirstead(UC Irvine in US) who proved the world's first possibility that can treat spinal disease using stem cell engineering, Prof. Patrik Brundin(Lunt University in Sweden) who developed new treatment of Parkinson's disease, Prof. Shin-Ichi Nishikawa who found the world's first gene that can control unlimited multiplication function of human embryo and Prof. Antonios Mikos(Rice University) who is one of the world's best-known researcher in the field of bio tissue and internal organ using tissue engineering stand out among other researchers.

Especially, the coming symposium is raising public interest in setting the goal of creating 'Koreans Stem Cell Network' on a government level. This network will get superior ability of Korean researchers and strengthen the complementary cooperation. So it will revitalize the stem cell research in Korea finally.

Korean Researchers who are in foreign countries now such as Jakie Lee(Colorado University), John Yu(UCLA), Chester Koh(University of Southern California), Prof. Jin-pyo Lee(Burnham Institute), Prof. Kyung-hee choi(Washington University), Prof. Young-sub Yun(Tufts University) and Prof. Kwang-soo Kim(Harvard University) also will participate in this symposium.

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