Wednesday, February 7, 2007

CHA Medical Gruop(representative: Kwang Yul Cha) wiill bring hope to incurable disease treatment.

College of Medicine, Pochon CHA University(Representative : Kwang Yul Cha M.D) & CHA Medical Group's biotechnology venture business, CHA Biotech(Board of Director: Kwang Yul Cha) was established for the development of cell therapy using stem cell that is so-called the "Flower of the Medical Science" in September 2000. CHA Biotec, led by Kwang Yul Cha, is now promoting to form large-scale stem cell institute in both U.S and Korea by building CHA Medical Stem Cell Institute organized of 180 professionals focusing on stem cell treatment and cord
blood deposit and transplantation. CHA Medical Group led by Kwang Yul Cha M.D will start constructing 'CHA Institute' in 2009 at Pangyo Techno Valley and it is scheduled to open in 2010.

'CHA Group Stem Cell Institute'(representative: Kwang Yul Cha) has not only research facilities such as stem cell institute, GMP grade sterile culture room which can make the medicines, cord blood bank, immunity vaccine institute, artificial internal organ institute but also life science school, medical school to train professionals. After Stem cell institute is completed, it will be equipped with Lab to Patient System which can pursue clinical demonstration at Bundang CHA Hospital immediately from latest research. And it is expected to joint research with the world’s leading research institute in the stem cell institute. They planned to promote cooperating with the world’s famous stem
cell institute such as UCLA(University of California at Los Angeles), Columbia University, Alabama State University , Rice University, University of Southern California, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Harvard University McLean Hospital etc.

And few months ago, College of Medicine, Pochon CHA University (representative: Kwang Yul Cha M.D) held “The 5th Pacific Rim Society for Fertility and Sterility” in Dynasty Hall, Seoul Shilla Hotel from June 9th~10th to conquer the low birth late, inviting the world’s foremost scholars in the field of sterilization and reproductive medicine. 'The 5th Pacific Rim Society for Fertility and Sterility' held by CHA Medical Group (Representative : Kwang Yul Cha) is hosted by three leading institute; The Korean Society of Fertility & Sterility, The Korean Society of preservative reproductive medicine, and The Korean Society of Developmetal Biology. Nationally and internationally well-known authorities on the field of Sterilization and reproductive medicine from Korea, United States, and Japan announced their papers and about 500 participants from Thailand, India, Vietnam and Nepal enlighten the conference.

At first day of the conference, representative Kwang Yul Cha read the paper 'Slush Nitrogen Ovum Freezing method' that received 'The Best Paper Award' from 'World Society for Reproductive Medicine' and the head manager of Stem Cell Institute, Hyung-Min Jung made presentation over embryonic cell and was greeted enthusiastically by the participants. The survival rate of ovum is about 50 percents when applying the Existing Ovum Freezing Method.
On the other hand, Slush-Nitrogen Ovum Freezing Method raise the survival rate to over 90 percents that it initiated the way to activate the ovum bank.

Stem Cell Production Capacity: CHA Medical Group(representative: Kwang Yul Cha M.D.) created total 12 Human Embryonic Stem Cell and under the admission of the International Stem Cell Deliberate Council, CHA Medical Group(representative: Kwang Yul Cha) is planning to produce over 100 embryonic stem cell that are able to apply clinical demonstration using human supporting cell, serum and non-serum culture medium at GMP within 10 years.

World known cytogenesis capacity & ability: CHA Medical Group(representative: Kwang Yul Cha) is the first to success in recovering the damage of cranial nerves by transplanting the mice's embyonic stem cell into alive one's brain. Developed differentiation technology by using neuron, vascular Endothelial, Cartilage Cell, Endocrine Cell, and Heart muscle cells.

Gene Manipulation in Human embryonic stem cell: By developing technology that can induct specific gene into Human Embryonic Cell CHA Medical Group achieved cytogeny technology in specific cell, Human Embryonic Stem Cell production, medicinal screening method, Tumor Suppressor Technology, and interpreting the function of the specific gene.

Gene Therapy ability: Found cancer cell suppressor protein and enzyme gene called 'mHAUSP' that operates the cancer-suppressing activity. Now researches on therapy and clinical test on progressing.

Artificial organ production ability: By Utilizing embryonic stem call and adult stem cell developed biodegradable tissue, instestine and Scaffold, Researches on three-dimensional artificial tissue and intestine production is in advance.

Leading the Cell Therapy Product market using stem cell: If applied-technology such as cytogenesis and cell therapy utilizing embryonic stem cell is practically use, size of over 600 billion won market will be created. To treat specific diseases(Leukemia, Diabetes, urinary incontinece, stroke) cell differentiation inducement and establishing stem cell lines bank using Embryonic Stem Cell and Adult Stem Cell is promoted.

CHA Regenerative Medical Institute, awarded the grant "Patient-Specific Stem Cell Production": Awarded the grant related to patient-specific stem cell production using somac cell reproduction from WIRB in June, 2006. Using Human ovum Freezing Bank, developing patient-specific stem cell production and treatment technology is their aim.

Researches on Sterility & Stem Cell Security is guaranteed by running 'Human Ovum Freezing Bank: 'Slushed-Nitrogen Ovum Freezing Method' has survival rate over 90 percents and pregnancy rate is over 65%, too. The method described above is known as world's best technology that has similar reproduction ability to general ovum. CHA Biotech (Board of Director:Kwang Yul Cha) became the leader of this field by steadily executing safe and moral
stem cell and medical treatment on sterility by running freezing bank.